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Creation Date: 2002-01-08
This isn't just a lesson, it's a bunch of them. I guess I'll give you a bit of each. The first is the computer. My vision of the future is not too bright in JF, you see. Computers still have boxes for the processor, HD, video card, sound card, etc. Most visionaries (including myself) believe that computers in the future will be light as a feather, smaller than a quarter, and faster than a Cray. Well, perhaps with nanotech, but in the pre-nanotech world of JF, we're going try to keep our feet on the ground. Of course, that box is a 1 TerraHertz 256-bit processor, 5 GB of RAM, with a 20 TerraByte HD. It runs on AltSci Thin Client OS, Business Edition. It's running AltSci Network Status viewer. It's a simplified map of the world and their internet connections. But anyway, it's of little importance. In Scene 4, Jav will just look at it and look away. The Wall, floor, door, window, and ceiling is a perlin texture made by Corel Draw. The window is pretty cool. It's transparent. The third picture is from the outside looking into the room. The perlin texture makes the other side look textured. A nice effect. The posters on the wall are actually pictures taken by my webcam of my walls. I have eleven posters in my actual room. I didn't want the other six because they aren't as dear to me as those five. Notice the glare on the Cowboy Bebop poster and the Neon Genesis Evangelion poster. It actually looks good rather than bad. However, in motion, it doesn't look as good. Not only that, but selling pictures of those pictures is illegal I gather, so I'm going to have to replace those before I do the anime, but details.. Next is my bed and pile of clothes. You see, a room without a pile of clothes and without a closet implies that a person doesn't change clothes. Jav does change clothes and thus he has a pile of clothes. It's kind hard to do that in low poly, but I just took a 3 level box, rotated each level, and moved each vertex a bit. It looks decent enough, I think. If I was a perfectionist, I'd model actual shirts and pants in 3d and wrinkle them up in a pile, but I'm not. Next, the bed is pretty simple. Another extruded box as you may have guessed. Extrude, squish, extrude, squish is what I always say. A bit of luck made it look like there's actually a top layer in picture 2.

Scene 4 is about 4 days away. Hooray! Scene 5 is a two weeks away, I'm going to guess. I'm planning on redoing Scene 1-3 soon, be on the look out for that. It won't take very long since all I have to do open up the 3d file that I saved from those three scenes and take different pictures. Of course, Jav's model is different so I throw that one in the place of the old one. It's really simple to redo stuff, but the only problem is that I shouldn't have to redo stuff. I'm almost good enough now to do modelling for a professional project, I believe, so I should be putting out good work. Of course, my laziness is a pretty big part of it. But that's just an excuse, I should be getting this stuff down solid.

From the KeenSpace list, I heard people talking about making their comic into an animation or live-action movie. Some people were talking about selling out to a production company or doing it themselves. First off, selling out is unlikely. How many Hollywood companies buy ideas from independent artists? They don't, that's why they're called independent. Popular artists might sell the rights and years later a live-action movie might come out, but more likely it'll be shelved. See Tomb Raider. We wanted a Tomb Raider Movie right before TR2 was released. When was TR: The Movie made? About four years later after TR5:Chronicles was released. Perhaps a large group of anime drawers could get together here in America and take good ideas and make American Animes, but it's easier to join them than beat them, I might suggest (them being Japanese Anime drawers).

Next up is doing it yourself. Goodness sakes. Let's look at the statistics: 1.5 hour movie * 30 frames per second * 3600 seconds per hour = 162,000 pictures that need to be made. Are you going to draw 162,000 pictures in a year? In two years? Are you and your friends (all of whom must be excellent drawers) going to draw 162,000 pictures in one year? If that's possible, then think of production costs. Who is going to put it on film? Perhaps you're going to do it the "easy" way and go straight to VHS. No problem, scan all 162k pictures into your computer, compile them into a AVI file and output it with your $350 video card. Might I suggest that it takes 1.5 hours to compile it? Then do that for as many viewers as you need. How many viewers do you need? As many as it takes to get a profit for the time that you and your friends put in. Hmmm, let's say that it took you and your 3 friends full time for an entire year. That's 8320 hours (3 minutes per picture sounds good right?) and comes to a total of $58,240 to pay for you all. That's if you want minimum wage ($7 per hour) back. Each tape costs $2 material and 2 hours of drudgework to make. You can sell it for $25 possibly if you have a good quality movie. That's $23 per video tape max. A circulation of 2,532 people would break you even. Of course, you'll probably want to pay yourself a bit more and possibly get more circulation just for popularity sake. Sounds good, but have you thought about how hard it is to make 2500 tapes let alone find people to buy them? Perhaps you've got a miracle way to make 2000 tapes in 1 week that only costs $1000. Well, add it on to the per video tape cost, right? 2588 will break you even then. Not too bad, right?

Let me present a better way. It's not for everyone, but certainly for JF: AltSci 3d Anime Director/Producer. You see, with the software I am making, I'm going to be able animate 3d models in real time and save them into DVD MPEG and DivX, as well as export to VHS. The work of drawing the characters in different positions goes out the window. It does it all. All I have to do is: model the character in 3d, animate the character's skeleton, export to my anime director into a real-time preview, and export to the video format of my choice. There's work to do, but the production time comes to about 1,000 hours instead of 8,000. There only has to be one animator, but can be as many as needed. The tools are easy to learn and cheap as dirt and expandable to the skill of the modeller/animator. For example, a better modeller might use 3D Studio Max instead of MilkShape to get better looking models for slightly higher price and the end result is spectacular. My never-ending example, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within used a bunch of modelers and animators full time and got a very quality product. Of course, not one of the effects that they had is unique to their system. AltSci Anime Director/Producer will be the tool that will make it possible. E-mail me for more info.
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