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Creation Date: 2002-01-18
Moving down from the torso, we find: the grossly misfigured legs? No, never should you go from a beautiful torso to ugly legs. Hopefully you agree with me that this is a wonderful set of legs. I have to admit a little secret though. These legs are actually arms! Ack! What was I thinking? I was thinking that the arms look so good, I don't even need to mess with them much to get legs. Does this prove that people evolved from cats or primates? No, that takes a lot more evidence of which not even evolutionary biologists have let alone a physicist artist. It simply says that people's legs can be made from arms if the arms are correctly modelled. I don't suggest it, but I do suggest that you take any break you can get. When you haven't gotten a page of your comic done for weeks and before that months, you're in trouble. So what do you do? You make legs like you've never made before. It's pretty simple to create legs from arms if you just remember what the legs look like. Really, you can create legs from a pair of tobacco pipes as long as you remember that legs are legs. So what I did was: rip the arms off and attach them to the bottom of the shirt. Then I cut out the torso except for the bottom of the shirt. I called that the pelvis region and here you have a pair of legs. Well, not that easy. First off, a lot of things were no good. The pelvis was just a trapezoidal cube, really. I split the sides of the shirt pelvis to make it fit the shoulder. Then I joined the crotch region, but beware: do not join it all together. It should have a front and back part. If they're joined together the butt looks wrong and you'll never get a good looking zipper. I know from experience (see Jav almost every version 1-33, Rave Kiddies, Sensei, etc). So the solution is to make the crotch join in two places. Here's something interesting: Loomis as well as LearnToDrawManga.com says that you should definitely leave a space in there because the legs don't join exactly together. It'd be awkward trying to walk like that. HOWEVER: Do not listen to them on this point. Check your own pants before you try it. There is a little space, right? Of course, but how wide is it? Is it one inch wide? I hope you aren't working on any nude close-up crotch shots, because that the only time you see it. any other time, it's less than one pixel and will never show up. You on the other hand modelling and following their advice will put more than one pixel space in there and it'll look awful. It's interesting, but that's the human body for ya. Next, we got the knees. You can once again check your own knees, but here it takes a bit of practice. What I've found is that the knee is like the elbow in that it comes to a sharp edge in the front (Note: the elbow's sharp edge is on the outside). The back side, however, has a little slack. This is because the quadriceps and the calf are both ovals. They come together and you get what you find in the back. The front has a bone, though, the tibia is it? Anyway, it's what you hit when you knee someone in the stomach (if you knee someone in the groin, you usually use the front of quadriceps). Anyways, last but not least is feet. If your character has shoes, you probably just want to model the shoes and stick them on 5-sided cylinders. But if they're fighting in a dojo, they're probably barefoot. That means that you have to model the foot. I suggest that you look at your own foot. My idea is that it's wider in the front than the back and taller in the back than the front. Don't forget the heel; it goes back from the leg. If you miss that, people might wonder. But who puts bare feet into their comic, right?

Well, after making this, I thought of an interesting idea. Why don't I try to cel-shade this? Well, how? It's no trick. Simply take the picture and convert it to monochrome three times, the first using the threshold of 1, the second using the threshold of 50, and the third using the threshold of 200. Add the first and third subtract 90% of the second. F=(P1+P200)-0.9*(P50). Click the link for a Cel-Shaded Version. Pretty decent, right?

I just got an e-mail from the UW Financial aid office telling me this:

Reviewing the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy will help you determine if you are meeting the progress standards or if you may need to submit a request for an exception to the policy by submitting an appeal. Both the policy and the appeal form are available for download at: http://www.washington.edu/students/osfa/satisfactory.html.

What does it mean? As usual, it's pretty vague. I guess I should go down there and appeal. I am paying a good deal of interest on those loans. I wouldn't see why they would take away a loan due to two classes. Ugh. I'm sure that they won't turn me away from graduating two quarters away just because of two tough classes. Sheesh.

Well, I looked at the tuition statement and they disbursed the $1800, but something isn't right here because they're charging me again for insurance... $800. So now I owe them $400. This is very odd. It says that I paid 293 for Autumn quarter. Why would I pay $293 for autumn and $800 for winter? Who knows what they'll charge me for spring?

My expenses are 280 for rent, ~40 for utilities, <160 for groceries, and 80 for phone and DSL. I got rid of NetFlix and I'm going to get rid of Anarchy Online before next month's bill. I'm considering getting rid of DSL. I might even trade phone for pre-paid cellular (Pete gave me his cell phone, remember), but I have to think that over a bit. Also, I think that I charged one or two things onto my credit card.. Food and perhaps the plane ticket or something. Maybe they've changed the address so that I get those now.

Last night a credit card person called me. When she asked for my SSN, I stopped her. Gimme a break, why does she need my SSN?! To give me a PoS credit card that I'll never use? I asked for her website and info. It wasn't very convincing. If money starts leaving my bank account unexpectedly, I'm going to find the address of the person who called me and... ... ask for my money back... really politely...

In other news, I joined KeenSpace so that I can get hosted for free and get free publicity. There's 4096 comics there and growing daily. In the first few days on their mailing list, I made one friend who is linked to me and met a real-life dragon [a friendly one at that] from Bellevue, WA. But there are quite a few pagans and sorcerers on the list. Who else would write comics about elves and evil demons, right? No problem, it just gives me another list of people to pray for. Sorcery and paganism (aka. greed) are mortal sins and we are all sinners, none no more than another.

Oh, the last two days, I've really been doing well with my modelling. Last night's torso and arms is my best yet. My face doesn't look half bad either. It's actually doing pretty well. I'm planning on redoing Scene 1-3 in the near future with better models, better animations, and more spread out. I think that each scene will be 5-8 pages long instead of 3. It ought to be really cool. Then I'll really have a good looking comic. Perhaps when I get out of college my first job might be 3d modelling for a video game. It's in high demand, but so is video game programming and physics. Margot says that every few weeks she gets a really good job offer for a physicist doing something or another for good pay. A few months ago she had a job for a physicist with 1 year experience of LabView and paid $50,000 a year. I got a 3.8 in the class If I had my bachelor's degree and two more quarters of using LabView, I would've taken the job. Goodness sakes, that sounds like a good job. ^_^ I'd pay off my debt in a few months. In a year, I'd stop working and work on JF full time. Ya, that'd be cool.

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