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Creation Date: 2002-01-04
Update: I was thinking about it and I didn't tell you how many polygons and vertices that this model has. It has 72 verts and 80 triangles. Not bad, huh? I think that I set myself apart from other 3d comics by being a low-poly 3d comic. Tell me if you see another 3d comic out there and I'll tell you how much better I am than them. ^-^

Well, what was I saying about faces yesterday? This is a good and interesting addition to that. Today's lesson is the 3d methods of facial modelling. Here we see a 3d face modelled from something close to yesterday's 2d vector graphic model. It may not look like a three step system, but I assure you that from the front, it definitely is. But that isn't exactly how you model a face. From the front, yes, but the profile is not a three step system. You have to include the neck, flatness of the back of the head, shape of the hair, nose, eyesockets, cheeks, and finally the 3d view. The portrait and front can look great, but the 3d view must also look good. This is where the Loomis Project might come in handy if you can understand how it can help you. Simple things, such as the placement of the ears, the protrusion of the jaw, the neck bone, and the back of the skull are important parts of the human body to understand. That is all that my lesson can contain, since I am certainly no master of the art.

I must admit that this model's 3d view is good only at a few points. Mainly the eyes do not look right, the nose is a bit off, and the back of the head isn't very good. I did a few other versions, but could not get anything very good. I can say that the polygon count is extremely low and the construction of the face is completely vertex by vertex. It's quite an accomplishment to be able to construct a 3d face from one's own mind. Hopefully as I work more and more, the models will look better and better. A few benchmarks I have been looking at have been: System Shock 2 (low poly, high quality models and awesome skinning), Final Fantasy 7 (doing as well as the best five years ago is still an accomplishment -- most 3d games still do not live up to this wonderful 3d rendering), Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (a very good movie that excelled because of NURBs, a technology to make characters look like plastic ^-^), Final Fantasy X (the few screenshots that I have seen make me think that this game will have the best graphics that we will ever see in real-time), and Anarchy Online (a wonderful massive multiplayer online RPG that renders hundreds of high-quality characters and majestic futuristic city scenery in real-time).

In an update on my financial situation: my parents have agreed to pay for my rent and food bill so that I don't have to get a job. That will keep me off the streets (or as I like to think of it, on the streets) until June. I might have to give up my DSL, though. Then I'd be stuck with using the computers at school to upload each day's "Making Of". That'd get really old really quickly. Perhaps I can use the school's 56k dial-up, but that only stays up for so long before they e-mail me about their sad tale of not being able to pay for all their 56k modems (I call Bull). Then there's the phone. I might get rid of it, but it's kinda important in case anyone needs to get ahold of me, right? Using a pay phone is so ghetto. So, then we come to a situation where I'm in Seattle surviving and graduating school upon which I can get a job and support myself. It sounds good even though it relies on the generosity of my parents. But I guess it's no different from getting food from a food bank and living in a library - my other alternative. And this way, I don't have a reason to be so angry at my parents... They did make good on their promise half way (or 4/15) anyway.
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