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Creation Date: 2002-01-02
Today's lesson is on morphing. You might recognize this girl. Perhaps the hair or skin color gives her away. She used to be a guy.. =P But not exactly. The previous "Making Of" had Sensei and a guy whose model was used to create this girl's face. She might not look very good, but que cera cera... I wanted it to be a guy, but the girl worked out better, so I said heck with it. So I changed the eyes, eyebrows, hair, nose, mouth, and jaw to get her face. The eyes I decided to completely redo just so that the eyes wouldn't look alike. The eyebrows, I moved a few vertices into a different arrangement so that it's look less groomed. The nose was just a simple girlish nose, no big deal. For the jaw, I moved the wide part up and out, the thinner part I moved out and up also. The rest of the body is original. I just quickly connected a few dots and did a few calculations for the body parts. The legs didn't turn out too well. I think it started with the hips being too thin. But for a thirty minute CG lesson on morphing, I am going to let it be.

Once again, Happy New Year to all. I hope everyone is sticking with their New Year's Resolutions so far. It's only been 24 hours, you really shouldn't be breaking it yet. I don't get to test my resolution for a little while. My resolution is to get my act together enough to stay in my wonderful apartment and graduate college this June. That includes not leaving the Physics building until my homework is done. That includes not working on JF until I've tried to work. Today was pretty tough. I started by waking up a little late. Then I returned my Netflix movies and cancelled my Netflix account. It was much less painful than I would have expected. Canceling my Anarchy Online account will be much harder. I'd rather miss a few lunches and keep the account, but that's not very aligned with my resolution. If I am using my account, I'm wasting time better spent. If I have an account, I should be using it. Thus, the correct answer is to get rid of the account. However, from time to time, I get an urge to fight for freedom. You know us anarchists. We don't even need a reason, all we need is an oppressor. For all I care, the oppressor could be myself (in fact, it often is). I just have to revolt against something because it makes my world ever so slightly less humane. A multi-galaxial wage-enslaved mining corporation is just as good as a evil dragon king or a one-world government hell-bent on controlling everyone's lives.

What else? Hmmm, I'm reading J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. It's quite good and I'm making a good pace through it. I'm on page 170. It has me thinking about energy storage and usage. You see, magic does not abide by the laws of physics. However, physics can design a system that emulates magic. Not sorcery, but rather the precise control of physical systems. For example, large amounts of energy can be stored in enriched uranium. But it doesn't come from nowhere. Definitely not, it's being stored. Mining uranium costs energy. Enriching uranium costs energy. But there's another source of energy. The nuclear bonds inside atoms. They're extreme strong. All the atoms that make up the universe came from somewhere. Uranium is pretty loose is the "problem" that allows nuclear fission. A small amount of energy can set off a nuclear explosion after enriched Uranium has been rendered. So what does it all mean? It means that if a person can store energy in a form that can be released easily, it's very useful. An example would be rubbing your shoes on a shag rug on a dry day. You touch a door handle and you get a little shock. That is energy in the form of static electricity. There's a few problems with it, though. You can't use it very easily and the energy stored is quite small. Shocking a person is hardly worth it... Hook up a large capacitor somehow and you can make a charge that is useful. Electrocute a person (hopefully not yourself) with a few hours of walking on a shag rug. Or a better system would be a linear motor and a magnet in each of your hands. You'd need pretty powerful magnets and very good linear motors. Just think that each time you wrench your hand forward with the same force that you punch a person with, your final output energy will be. Swing your arms twenty times (very roughly) and you output the same as 20 punches in a fraction of a second (extremely painful). You'd need really good capacitor, also... Then you need something to output the power. Perhaps a tazer type thing. But of course, we all know how well a tazer works...

I'm not encouraging the creation of such devices, but rather explaining my thought process on how such a system might work. I'm going to incorporate it into JF, so bare with my calculations.
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