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Creation Date: 2002-01-01
Oh my gosh. I just lost a very long, very important lesson. *sigh* Haven't I learned yet to save often and backup even more often? I guess not. Here's the part that I want to rewrite:

Hooray, it's New Years! Good for us, we've survived 2k1 without a nuclear holocaust. The question now is will we survive another year without nuclear holocaust. If you don't know why I ask, check out Drudge Report and click on something about India and Pakistan. Why oh why would anyone want to use the bonds that keep protons and electrons from wasting all their energy to harm their neighbors? Ask 80% of Americans and you'll get a long explanation that tries to lie and say that it has nothing to do with America's obsession with getting their gun off. If you want an explanation of "getting one's gun off", watch M:I-2.

Talking about "getting one's gun off" in a movie, "All the Rage" is an interesting movie about why people with rage should not have guns. Yet I contend that people with rage should not have opposable thumbs. Really any tool can be fashioned into a weapon. There's no reason for it to be a gun. Mike Tyson is a perfect example of that. Hehe, not to make him feel bad or anything, but biting someone's ear off is not socially acceptable nor has it ever been nor will it ever be.

In other news, Zeram is a good live-action dubbed movie based on the characters in the wonderful anime Iria: Zeram. It was well done and deserves a 4 of 5 rating. Of course, few will agree.. I will say that the monsters are uglier, but Iria is prettier, thus balancing out. I think that the two side characters weren't as good as the kids in the anime, but they were good in their own respects.

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