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Creation Date: 2001-12-30
This picture is to prove to the disbelievers that I really made a 3d website. I agree that it could be duped, but not perfectly without a lot of math. Thankfully, the mathematical calculations for the lighting was done for me by MilkShape 3d. It even did the rendering for me. How nice of it. But how exactly did I do it? Well, first I modelled it. I came up with a good idea and I built the thing in 2d. Then I pulled a few vertices out of the 2d plane. Those vertices look like they are bulging because they are bulging. So then in the 2d front view, I took a printscreen of it. That gave me a very nice looking object to work with. I then made some text with CorelDraw and put it onto the side and top. Then I cut it into four pieces so that it'd fit into a table nicely. Then I added the page list on the left. I really like how that works. It's an actual morphing 3d website. The morphing page list is a simple javascript code that turns on the display CSS. I like it a lot. Hopefully the poor Netscape users can see it. If not, get IE6. It's not as bad as you say...

What else? Well, I finally figured out KeenSpace so now I am going to get javantea.KeenSpace.com in a few weeks. Hopefully it will be kind to my beautiful website layout. It does pretty well with other websites such as Pretty Magic. They're linking to me. Thanks a bil, friend. Now I don't really have an excuse to have late pics.

I also don't have a reason to procrastinate on scenes. Scene 3 is a doozy and Scene 4 is going to be worse. Hopefully I will be focused on all the right things so that I don't screw up my graduation this June, my housing situation, or JF. My dad said something about him possibly being able to loan me or give me money for my rent and food. I take his word with a grain of salt since he promised to pay for my college seven years ago. But that's long past and neither here nor there.

What else? I came up with a so-so idea for binary compiled HTML. I've written down the C++ structs for it and done a few calculations. Pretty much, I have to say this about it: it's not the answer, nor the revolution, nor the simple idea that it started out to be. I was thinking that it was, but really it's just HTML without the <, >, and = delimiters. But perhaps if I mess around with it, it'll allow me to teach myself more about HTML and data theory. I'm always looking for new stuff to know about. If I ever get lost in the wilds without technology (one thing that I'd surely dread), I'd be able to build a civilized society from the ground up. Kinda like Crusoe without Friday... Not that I wouldn't mind Friday's company, but I'm rather have Wilson from Cast Away with Tom Hanks. Wilson stole the show! Hahaha.

Talking about a technophobe society, MSN seems to be down. Perhaps it's just my modem. The WAN light is on, so that means that a connection should be available. But no go... Hmmm.. Maybe if I barsh it, it'll start working.
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