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Creation Date: 2001-12-29
First off, this is fan art for Exploitation Now. I didn't get permission or ask them to post it yet, but I hope it's alright with them. I'm going to ask them later. They say it's easier to get forgiveness than permission. Anyway, I'd just like to point out EN as one of my favorite web comics and I'd like to applaud them on their excellent comic which is as consistent as JF's Making Of Section. Their news isn't as consistent, but no one reads this column anyway. I've already got a bit more Fan Art on the way for EN, so I really hope they like it.

The lesson for today is the art of mimic and the mimic of art. This picture is a little bit of mimic and a bit of copy. I didn't allow myself to copy the actual character (it's Jordan if you're wondering ^-^), so I had to force myself to think about aspects of the character that I placed in the deepest reaches of my memory. Well, I didn't do perfectly, but it isn't that bad. She's got a railgun, medium size breasts, red-brown hair with a clip, freckles, innocent eyes (but not too innocent), thin eyebrows. The lesson is to remember things that you see in terms of variables on a standard object. The standard object of this model is human. An easy variable is that gender is female. After that, hair color, age, breast size, clothing style, hair style, and mechanical arms attachments are important. After that, you add more detail. No matter what, though, you'll remember species, gender, and age in that order. But if you're a forgetful person, you'll miss details like the railgun buttons. I didn't get the railgun details correct, but who needs railgun details? The railgun isn't even physically possible. Railguns need long barrels by definition. A railgun that short would hardly make a dent in a soda can, let alone take out a helicopter. The battery would be huge even to make a dent in a soda can. Hahaha, there I am ruining the artist's fun. Well, Poe, maybe you should give her a backpack with a Honda moped engine in it. But if you have a engine, why not just power a high-power air compressor with it? Better yet, just have a large tank of compressed air. Then you could scrap the railgun and go for a compressed air gun. You'd use normal pellets and you'd get about 300 psi. With an advanced targeting system (see AltSci Tactical Goggles), you'd be able to topple evil government agencies and dispose of trash the right way.

Well, I've written my first C++ Class. It works and everything. It uses DirectX 8 and displays a list of moveable connected dots with my picture on them. The final project will allow people to drag and drop the positions of characters to their positions at each box. Then, a test run will show their positions at times t=0,1,2,3,etc. I have a few things yet to go for AltSci Manga Director to be up to par with version 1. I need scene objects (house), animation, the third dimension, specialized camera pathing, and a 3d preview. Those aren't as hard as they sound. The third dimension means I need to add a function that changes the z coordinate. The 3d preview is already done in VB, it just needs to be ported, pretty easy really. Scene objects will be pretty easy, I assume. After that, I'll be making AltSci Manga Producer and AltSci Manga Reader like I told you about. Manga Producer version 2 should be more of a joke than a program. Manga Reader will be a bit tough, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

That will easily mold into AltSci Anime Director which will feature full motion 3d. The only addition for the Anime Director will be: bezier curved paths (already half done, I just need to paste the code in), sub animations (walk from point a to point b instead of floating), and sound. AltSci Anime Viewer will allow a person to view the 3d Anime in original 3d format. Then, I'll make AltSci Anime Producer which will turn the 3d into DivX format and DVD format. That will seriously rock. Full length 3d movies have been restricted almost completely to Disney (with the exception of Final Fantasy), but now we have the power to do it ourselves. No more Shrek. ^-^

Prices on each of these:
AltSci Manga Director - $40
AltSci Manga Producer - Free with AS MD
AltSci Manga Reader - Free, Pay per content.
AltSci Anime Director - $80
AltSci Anime Producer - Free with AS AD
AltSci Anime Viewer - Free, Pay per content.
I think it's reasonable, profitable, and good business. The artists buy the product from me and sell their product to their customers, right? It's just like artists paying for Adobe Photoshop and selling their art on the net.

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