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Creation Date: 2004-04-29

Javantea's Fate


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In the year 2001, the UN is more of a collective military bullying machine than a one-world government. But by 2014, most of the world governments have succumb to UN Forces led by unknown autocratic dictators. They control companies, trade, security, science, and militaries around the world. The fact that puppet governments are still in place only changes the face of the awful dictatorship. Guns, swords, and knives are illegal, spoons and butter knives have a restrictions on how sharp they can be. Lye, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, gasoline, oil, matches, and various other basic household items are expensive and require a specific license to buy.

The majority of people of the United States have given in to the totalitarian United Nations. A select few anarchists have led the rebellion against the United Nations. These anarchists engage in terrorist acts and massive civil disobedience, but mainly just organize the slow dissolve of the one world government. The idea behind this tactic is that if the world stops needing a one world government, the dictators will lose control and an overthrow will require less or no bloodshed. Such revolutions have happened throughout history, recently (in the year 2000) in Serbian Bosnia, where the people ousted Slobodon Milosovic with the help of the secret service that was supposed to suppress them. The anarchists are known well for wearing black bandanas over their face during "former First Amendment" parades. The word "former" is added because the First Amendment (as well as the rest of the Bill of Rights) was essentially completely banned in 2001 after terrorist attacks on America. Since the parades are technically illegal, the UN brings troops. However, no force (no matter how large) can stop extremely superior numbers (as seen in WTO November 30, 1999). It would be impractical to arrest fifty thousand people, so the UN can only gas the parades. However, the advance in technology toward nanotechnology has made the fight more fierce than WTO without being lethal. Advanced untested (and unsafe) pre-nanotechnology devices find their way to the black market. A few anarchists have obtained microscopic (invisible) gas masks and advanced counter-weaponry since guns and gas masks are illegal to buy, sell, or wear.

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